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Risk Strategy Consulting

Elite Strategies will customize a risk program to suit your organizational needs. Examples of professional services provided are listed below, along with a sample of questions we can answer together:

  • Establish proper governance structure
    • What should be in an ERM Policy?
    • Do we need a board risk committee?
  • Identify and evaluate key risks
    • Which risks are keeping you up at night? Are these the right ones?
    • Who owns the key risks?
  • Define and embed Risk Appetite
    • Which risks do you want? How much?
    • What is the maximum risk-taking tolerance across the organization?
    • Are you prepared for plausible adverse scenarios?
    • How does your Risk Appetite translate to your day-to-day operations?
    • Are you within y our risk tolerance at a given point in time?
  • Develop risk reporting
    • What do management and the board need to see?
    • How is risk reporting different from other management reports?
  • Establish emerging risks program
    • Are there new or evolving risks that you should be concerned about?
  • Embed risk into Strategic Plan
    • Are all key risks addressed?
    • Do you have synergies or offsets between risks you could leverage?
  • Enhance risk culture
    • Do you align compensation with risk?
    • Is risk-based decision making integrated across the organization?

Risk is everywhere… and so is opportunity. Elite Strategies will work with your executive team and board to help you fully understand and evaluate your unique risk profile.